RAM, that is short for Random Access Memory, is a computer storage media which may be accessed considerably faster than a hard disk drive, simply because the info can be read randomly, skipping the bytes before the needed information is reached. On a server, the RAM is employed to load scripts and web programs once they are executed, so the more RAM you are able to use, the more applications you'll be able to run simultaneously and the more people will be able to check out your websites without any effect on the site’s/server’s overall performance. In contrast to a disk drive, however, the RAM is used for temporary storage purposes, as the data is lost when the power is shut off. When you use a shared web hosting account, the physical memory your scripts can use may be limited and can change based upon what the some other clients on the same hosting server use. Through a virtual or a dedicated web server, alternatively, you shall have a fixed amount of RAM that won't be used by anybody else even when you don't use it at a particular time.