Memcached is a content caching platform, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years thanks to its efficiency. It is used to cache queries and responses between a database and the app that is using it, which can boost the overall performance of your site and lessen the created load considerably. Every time a page on an app-powered website is accessed, the application connects to the database and "asks" what information should be shown, and then drags it. With Memcached, these procedures are skipped, as the platform has already cached all of the content that should appear on a particular web page. In case any content is changed, the Memcached content is ‘refreshed’ as well, so the website visitors will never end up seeing out-of-date data. The platform is a perfect solution for every site that has plenty of viewers, as it will make it faster than the speed of sound and will improve the user experience.
Memcached in Cloud Hosting
Memcached comes as an optional upgrade with each and every cloud hosting account that we offer and in case you wish to use it for any script-driven site that you host on our advanced cloud web hosting platform, you will be able to order it in a few simple steps via your Hepsia Control Panel. During the process, you will be given the option to upgrade two separate things – the number of instances and the memory. The first one refers to the number of the Internet sites that can use the Memcached distributed memory object caching system at the same time, so if you need it for several sites, you can order a handful of instances. The second one has to do with the total amount of memory that the system will be allowed to use to cache information, so for multiple sites (or for one traffic-consuming site), you’d better get more memory for better results. The memory comes in increments of 16 megabytes and more memory can be ordered every time you need it. With the Memcached caching system, any script-powered website hosted on our cloud servers will open extra-fast.